1000Kg Rice Donation

Rice Donation from Bali Tribe

Finally we done distributed 1.000 Kg rice donation from Bali Tribe. It is take longer than we expect because we must select and find out data those who really needed in several area. Moreover, we cannot finished it together in one day because the place in different location. Here we enclosed the data of family which get rice. Each family got different amount of rice based on the total of family members.

FYI: We had been asking permission to the staff village before giving donation.

  1. 50Kg  Kadek Widiani, Tegalmengkeb village
  2. 50Kg  Vyna Octavia, Tegalmengkeb village
  3. 50Kg  Gede Maha, Beranjingan village
  4. 50Kg  Nyoman Adi Astra, Tegalmengkeb village
  5. 50Kg  Lovita, Tegalmengkeb village
  6. 25Kg  Sukerna, Tegalmengkeb village
  7. 25kg  Suniari, Kelating village
  8. 50kg  Nyoman Rudang, Penebel
  9. 50kg  Kadek Yogi, Manik Yang
  10. 75Kg  Ngurah Anom, Kediri
  11. 25kg  Ni Made Budi, Pujungan
  12. 25Kg  Bu Ayu, Beranjingan
  13. 50Kg  Komang Ratna, Selemadeg
  14. 25Kg  Ketut Wisnawa, Bajra
  15. 25Kg  I Wayan Asta Buana, Bajra
  16. 25Kg  Martin Nenosono, Bajra
  17. 25Kg  Wayan Surinadi, Bajra
  18. 25Kg  Ketut Catera, Bajra
  19. 25Kg  I.B Alit Pageh, Bajra
  20. 25Kg  I Wayan Sukara, Bajra
  21. 25Kg  Made Seni, Tegalmengkeb village
  22. 25Kg  Ni Ketut Silawati, Beraban village
  23. 25Kg  I Wayan Sumerta, Beraban village
  24. 25Kg  I Wayan Mawen, Bebali village
  25. 25Kg  I Putu Mei Suryawan, Bebali village
  26. 25Kg  Ni Nyoman Tamped, Bebali village
  27. 25Kg  I Wayan Sadia, Bebali village
  28. 25Kg  I Nengah Raweg, Bebali village
  29. 25Kg  I Nengah Sandra, Bebali village
  30. 25Kg  Ni Made Sendi, Bebali village

Thank you so much for all donors from Bali Tribe, your help means a lot for them who really need..

God Bless you all, warming hug from Yayasan Sahaja Sawah Foundation..

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