Bedah Rumah Project

Bedah rumah is one of our Yayasan main project, because every family must have a roof over their heads.

Pak Surya’s family is one of family who really need that we help in Mambang Village, East Selemadeg.  We visited them with our team about 3 months ago and we decided to help them to renovate/rebuild their house. 

He has a child with special needs named Kadek Alit Putrawan who is 29 years old now. Pak Surya and his wife cannot do any work properly because everyday they have to take care of Kadek. The wife sometimes working in the rice fields, helping the neighbours or do anything to get some income. Pak Surya has to stay home to take care of Kadek as Kadek could be very difficult sometimes and the mother is not strong enough to handle it. When Kadek get emotional he can be very aggressive. Its often the father or the mother get hit by him and it’s happened Kadek threw a knife to his father. But mostly Kadek is very cheerful as long as he has friends or someone around him, he likes to listen to music or radio.

They live in small and very simple house with terrible condition. Both the house her they sleep and their kitchen are in very bad condition with leaking roof, broken windows, no doors etc. However Pak Surya prefer the help to rebuild the kitchen. 

With a budget of IDR 25.000.000 we able to help the to rebuild the kitchen, done nicely with roof tiles and an extra room. 

The project was started on 3rd of August 2021 and finally finish now. 

Here we share some photos of the house before, during the project and after.

We hope that Pak Surya and the family can have safer, healthier and comfortable place to live now. However we are still hoping that we can get more help renovate the house where they sleeping now. 

Note: Kadek Alit now has a sponsor, Fam Huizing from Netherlands. They will support them with monthly donation for food and daily needs. 

Thank you so much to the donors. Your great support means a lot for Kadek. May God repay your kindness


We will keep updating the information on our Social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions🙏🏾🙏🏾

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