Bedah Rumah Project

Bedah Rumah is one of our Yayasan project which the goal is to give better house for family who really needed. First of all, the data of family we obtained from the village and after that we are doing inspection and evaluation to their house. After that Yayasan team doing discussion and planning the budget and also the materials needed and then start to renovate the house. Bapak Ledi is one of several families who get Bedah Rumah from our Yayasan. Pak Ledi and his wife work as a farmer and not getting much money from it. They only have one daughter and during this time they stayed at their others family house. He has land (under his name) but did not has house yet. It is one of the requirement of getting Bedah Rumah. Here, we helped him by build a small house and toilet in his land. They are very happy and thankful for the help. So now, Pak Ledi and family can live at their own house. Here we enclosed the photos of process in building the house.

Thank you and keep healthy everyone…



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