Build A Bridge

As the old bridge was falling apart, YSSF provided materials to build a new one to connect the two villages of Beraban and Tiubiu.

Om Swastyastu,
We are here today, the heads of the villages Beraban and Tibubiu, Kecamatan, Selamadeg Timur, Tabanan, regarding the bridge behind us that was built in 1985 by the people of our villages. Due to poor construction the bridge was damaged the following year in 1986 and remained broken because of heavy rainfall and strong water flowing from the river. Much later in 2004, we were in contact with the Sahaja Sawah Foundation who were very enthusiastic to help both our villages coordinate the construction of a new bridge.
With the great help we received from the Sahaja Sawah Foundation, the bridge was completed in 2004, with a high and generous budget. The foundation provided all the construction materials for which the local people from the two villages Beraban and Tibubiu could work together with to build and maintain the bridge.
With regards to what Pak Gede has already mentioned, this bridge which was built with the help of the Sahaja Sawah Foundation has really helped connect our two villages with an access route between Beraban and Tibubiu. As you can see from our location, we hope that with the help from the foundation our villages can cooperate and work together for the benefit of the environment. At the moment we need to build a higher wall to stop the water flooding over during the rain season, so that we can take care and maintain the access better in the future. So regarding everything that has been done by the Sahaja Sawah Foundation, we on behalf of the two villages of Beraban and Pak Gede, and myself for Tibubiu, would like to thank you so much for helping connecting our villages with this bridge.
“Om shanti, shanti, shanti, om”
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