Business help for Local villagers

Business help for Local villagers

Om Swastyastu🙏🏾

The best way to help people is by giving them the tools to show their effort rather than give them the result. It’s like giving a fishing rod will be more long-lasting helpful rather than giving a fish for one-time eating. Our main donor in Yayasan Sahaja Sawah Foundation already implemented this system or program a long time ago. We facilitate several groups and personal to build their own business. The way we support their business is by giving cash as start-up capital. 

Some of them buy cows, pigs, chickens, run small warungs/shops, plant and selling sweet corn in pack and planting rice, run a traditional fabric for coconut oil making and also the new one is making a duck farm and salted eggs which give a good result. For the ducks farmer now they have more than 250 ducks. 100 ducks produced 70 eggs/day. Every 3 days the farmer make salted eggs for selling. Salted eggs more expensive rather than the ordinary eggs. Now they have many customers and must produced 50 packs salted eggs every 3 days. We are so happy and proud to receive the good news that their business running well and they can get more income from it. Hopefully, from the traditional and small businesses, it will grow well and bigger day by day. 

 In total there are more than 28 people we help for personal business, 5 groups of fisherman which we help by giving boats, Anker and nets, and also several groups which maintain cows. For the cow’s group, they will give back the money to the Yayasan when the cows give birth or when they are ready to sell it.  There is a different system for group business and personal. 

Thank you so much to our main donor, May God repay your kindness. 

We will keep updating the information on our social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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