Fund Raising

Animal Shelter

Support our local animal shelter Help us with the local animal shelter, turtle conservation plan and snakes rescue, we have lovely Ibu Linda who is living close to our resort and she is like the local animal shelter but she has no income and survives from her own hand made jewellery witch of course isn’t …

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Buy an ambulance for the village Ambulance, there is no ambulance in our area and only a very small very basic clinic, if any serios illness or accident happens they have to go to the hospital that is 45 minutes drive away, if they are lucky any of the local pickup trucks can drive them …

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Natural Disasters

Natural Disaster Funds Give for natural disasters, as you probably know Indonesia is situated direct on the line of fire, and is one of the countries with most natural disasters, there are 147 active volcanoes, there are more then 1.000 earthquakes a year and we all know about the Tsunamis, the latest earthquake in Lombok …

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Water Filters

Donate water filters to families in Tegalmengkeb Water filters, the water in Bali and the whole of Indonesia is not drinkable, we have given already 45 water filters away but many more are needed, we concentrate for now only on the 9 villages that are surrounding us but hopefully with many donations we can achieve …

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