Turtle Eggs

🐢 Turtle Eggs 🐢 Warm greeting from Sahaja Sawah Foundation This week we found more than 3 nests at Kelecung Beach. We are so grateful that we still have a chance to see turtle nests at Kelecung Beach. Thanks to God the turtles still believe in our environment. We keep doing our program when the

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Schools Update

Schools Update Om Swastyastu 🙏🏾 We are very happy to share an update on students activity at our Yayasan school. Day by day the students show improvement in the learning activities. They are more confident and communicative now. This week is grade 4, 5, and 6 times to learn English. In the English activity, we

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Torrevieja School

Torrevieja School at Kelecung  Our beloved school was already open 3 weeks ago. Both the students and teachers are so enthusiastic to start the activities at school. The students said they miss the games a lot😁. The staff village allows us to start school activities under health protocol. As usual, the school starts at 1

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Turtle Conservation Project Kalanganyar Lovina

Turtle Conservation Project 🐢🐢 Warm Greeting From Sahaja Sawah Foundation🙏🏾 To protect the population of turtles in the north Bali, we have donated IDR 30.000.000 to build the hatchery house in Kalanganyar village near Lovina. In cooperation with Bali Global Village Foundation with the help from the locals, the house is finally finished. The local

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Turtle Eggs

Turtle Eggs 🐢🐢🐢 Save Our Nature For Our Future Warm Greeting From Sahaja Sawah Foundation We are so excited to share about Turtle’s Eggs at Kelecung Beach. Totally 879 turtle eggs had been collected from May until June 2021. For the people who found the turtle eggs at Kelecung Beach, they got paid IDR. 2.000/each egg

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