Cows Donation🐂🐂

Tuesday, 29/09/2020 we distributed 2 cows  for 2 adopted families at Belimbing and Pujungan village. Those families are Ibu Tami  at Belimbing and Suringsih family at Pujungan. It was not easy to brought the cows because the road is broken and the location not easy to reach. Moreover, the cows are very strong and want to attack us. Luckily, we get help from the cow seller and adopted family members there.

 Each cow cost IDR 5.100.000. We used money left over from donation for bought the cows. Each family got 1 cow. The adopted families asked cow for their business. We decide to give female cows so that they can produce little cow in the future. Hopefully they can manage the cow and get income from it.  They are very happy and thankful to the donors who help them. Thank you for the kindness donors @Bapak Bernard and @Sam Oraya God bless you ..  

keep healthy everyone🙏🏾

#yayasan #localculture #cowdonation







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