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Thursday, 4th of February 2021

Here we would like to share an update about the family adoption at Penebel & Tegalmengkeb area. Yayasan team together with Van Tongkol distributed donations at Penebel. We have 4 family adoption that we still visit regularly. Those are Bapak Suparjana, Dadong Sari, Kadek Agus and Mbah Rusik.

We had stopped to visit Pekak Rudang this month and give the money left over from his donations account to another elderly. That was the suggestion from Pekak Rudang family after Pekak Rudang’s wife “Mbah Terik” passed away. Pekak Rudang will be treated by his son and move to Java. So we decide to donate the leftover donations to Mbah Rendin.

All of Family adoption at Penebel are in good condition.

After finished Penebel donations, we continue to distribute donations to Tegalmengkeb area. Here we have 11 family adoptions. Most of them are kids and only 2 elderly. They all in very good condition when we visit.
Here we enclosed the complete data about family adoption name, donors and donations they got from their donors every month:

1)I Wayan Suparjana – The donor is Michelle. This paralyzed man got 10 kilo rice, 100.000 Cash and 2 liters cooking oil every month.

2)Ni Nyoman Sari 2pax – The donor are Kylie & Sophie Blackwell. She got 15 kilo rice, 200.000 Cash, 2 liters oil And diapers Every month

3) Kadek Agus 4pax – The donor is Sheryl Thomson. He and family got 30 kilo rice, 400.000 cash for buy food,220.000 For buy Medicine anti seizures and 2 liters cooking oil every month.

4)Ni Made Rusik – The donor is Amanda Etienne. This lonely grandma got 10 kilo rice, 100.000 Cash And 2 liters oil every month

5)Money leftover from Pekak Rudang we give to Mbah Rendin. This lonely grandma got 10kg rice, 100.000 cash and 2 liters oil.

1) Gek Sukma – The donor is John Paoli . She get 5 liters oil and Diapers every month.

2) Lexy – The donor is Gerardo . He got 5 liters oil and Cash for medical. Lexi is a kid with special needs, he is attractive and he study at special school in Tabanan.

3) Nyoman Adi Astra – The donor is Sabina van Elmpt. He is a little boy who live with his grandpa and brother.He and his brother got 300.000 cash every month for pocket money and 5 liters oil

4) Kadek Widiani – The donor is Elisa van Elmpt. Dek Ani live with her mom and brother. Every month they got 10kg rice, 2kg sugar, 30pcs eggs, and 5 liters oil.

5) Vyna Octavia – The donor is Angelina van Elmpt. Vyna and family got 45kg rice and 5 liters oil every month.

6) Gede Maha – The donor is Levi van Elmpt. Gede Maha and family got 30kg rice and 5 liters oil every month.

7) Bu Kamer – The donor is Bernard Van Elmpt. This lonely grandma got 500.000 cash for buy food or medical and 2 liters oil every month.

8)Bu De Madut – The donor is Bernard Van Elmpt. This lady got 500.000 cash for buy food or medical and 2 liters oil every month.

9) Made Ratna – The donor are Avril & Jeff & Jackie & Kylie & Rodney / Kristy, Imogen and Taj. This single parent have 2 kids. The youngest one is Down syndrome. This family got 25 kilo rice, 300.000 cash for buy food or medical, 5 liters cooking oil and diapers for the special kid.

10)Lovita and Aprina- The donor is Roberto. This two little girl live with their grand parents. Every month they will got food package from their donor.

11) Made Seni – The donor is Danni Blake. This lonely lady got 10kg rice, 300.000 cash and 2 liters cooking oil every month.

The donations given to the family adoption is different from one another. The donations based on the survey of what they really needs and what the donors want to give.

Thank you so much for all donors and volunteers, keep healthy and May God bless you all🙏🏾❤️
We will keep updating the information on our Social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions🙏🏾🙏🏾
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