Garbage Collection

Save The Nature for Our Future 

Hi good people….We got some questions “when Yayasan will start to collect the garbage???”

Finally we can answer it now.. “Be ready with your  garbage, we will come to your house, we start to collect it again”

For your information: This is our routine activity to collect recyclable garbage. Yayasan staff will come with the big green truck to villager’s house to collect some garbage every month.The goals are to teach the villagers sorting their garbage independently and keep the environment clean. 

The garbage are sort into several categories such as plastic, paper, metal, cans, glass etc. Each category has different price. Here, we come to their house to check and paid the garbage based on the weight and category. Next, the money from it will be saved in the saving books. Each person who routine gave us recyclable garbage has their own saving book and kept by Yayasan. If they want to take the money, they just need to inform Yayasan staff and they will get the money.. that’s the way we used to keep our environment still clean and build villager’s responsibility to protect their environment.

In this case, we are in collaboration with “Bank Sampah Bantas Lestari” which located at Bantas. We only take recyclable garbage because the organic one could be used as compost and not danger for the environment. The price of the garbage could change every time based on the Bank Sampah price. 

Please keep doing a good work and Keep healthy everyone ….….

#localcommunity #savetheplanet #saveourenvironment #recyclegarbage 


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