Karangasem Monthly Donation 04/11/2020

This month, #YayasanRemagiBali distributed all donations alone without us. Monthly donation usually start at the beginning every month. Now, we still have 30 adopted families. Those are old people and 6 special kids.

So great we have Yayasan Remagi as our partner. Thank you very much for Yayasan Remagi for the good cooperation and your hard work distributed donations from our donors to family adoption. You are doing a great work.

Thank you very much for all donors who always support us, your greatness support means a lot for them who really need. Keep healthy everyone, God bless you all..

We will keep updating the information in our social media, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Warm regards from Yayasan Sahaja Sawah Foundation🙏🏾
#yayasanlocal #bali #localcommunity




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