Karangasem Monthly Donation

Monthly Donation Karangasem Sunday 4th October 2020

This month we cannot visit adopted families at Yeh Kori and Liligundi Karangasem directly. Luckily, several volunteers from Yayasan Remagi had helped us to distribute all donations and captured the activities and send us the photos and videos. Thank you Bapak Ketut Suanira and Remagi team for the loyalty in helping others. 

As we know, is not easy to reach the family house there because the location and bad road up to the mountain. Moreover, the weather was raining and windy at that time. To minimise time, the volunteer make several spot  and asked the families to gather there. 

The family adoption got monthly donation such as rice, cash for the old man/lady and rice, cash, milk, biscuit, diapers and also therapy transport for kids with special needs. In total, we have 30 adopted families at Karangasem, most of them are old people and kids with special need. For those who still have money leftover from donors and need something more, we give extra and give what they really need..

Thank you for all donors and volunteers for the great support, may God bless you all and keep healthy for everyone..

We will keep updating the information on our social media, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions..

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