Monthly Visit at Penebel

Monthly Visit at Penebel
Monday, 7 September 2020 we visited the adopted family and gave the monthly donation to 6 family at Penebel. We bring cash, rice, sets of bed and also water filters for those who didn’t get yet. We distributed the donations together with the volunteers @Van Tongkol and chief of village (Kepala dusun).
We have 2 new adopted lady at Penebel. Those are Made Rusik and Wayan Rendin. Both of them are old lady who live alone. Made Rusik daily work is making offerings. Meanwhile Wayan Rendin has a small shop (warung) which sells snacks and also offerings but didn’t get much income. Luckily, both of them already adopted by very kind donors.
Here we enclosed the data adopted family with their donors and also what donations that they already got this month:
Kadek Agus Putra Wijaya 4pax adopted by Sheryl Thomson (6 months help last help Jan/21). He got: 50 kilo rice enough for Aug and Sep , 400.000 IDR = Cash , 220.000 IDR = Medicine anti seizures and 3x aqua phonic.
Wayan Suparjana adopted by Michelle
got: 25 kilo rice enough for Aug/Sep/Oct 100.000 IDR = Cash and 1x aqua phonic.
I Nyoman Rudang & Ni Ketut Terik adopted by Philippa Holm and Lauren J Walker. They got:
50 kilo rice enough until end September, 200.000 IDR = Cash, 60 diapers and 2x aqua phonic.
Ni Nyoman Sari adopted by Kylie & Sophie Blackwell. She got: 50 kilo rice enough to end October, 200.000 IDR = Cash and 2x aqua phonic.
Ni Made Rusik adopted by Amanda Etienne. She got: 10 kilo rice, 100.000 IDR = Cash, 1x mattress, 1x blanket, 1x cushion and 1x bedsheet.
Ni Wayan Rendin adopted by Sandra Squadrito. She got: 1x Water filter, 10 kilo rice, 100.000 IDR = Cash, 1x mattress and 1x bedsheet
Thank you so much for all donors, all of adopted family felt happy and very thankful for your kindness. This is our routine activity every month and we will keep updating the information on our social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions… Stay safe Everyone..









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