Penebel Monthly Visit October

Monthly Visit Penebel 5 October 2020

Yayasan team together with the volunteer Van Tongkol distributed monthly donation at Penebel. In Penebel we only have 6 families adoption..

We start to visit Wayan Suparjana the paralyse man, we gave cash only because the rice already gave last month. Second, we visited Nyoman Sari, as usual she lay on her bed alone because her only son going work. Next, we visited Nyoman Rudang and Ketut Terik to give rice, cash and diapers, they always happy and enthusiast welcoming us. After that we moved to Kadek Agus house, we only met his mom because Agus still slept. The last visit was Mbah Rusik and Mbah Rendin, the old lady who live alone. The place that Mbah Rusik usually used for making offerings was broken because of rain and hard winds but luckily she is ok because at that time she was not there..

Moreover we brought some snacks, coffee and noodles for mbah Rendin. She has a small warung but not much stuffs inside so we decide to give some stuffs that she can sells and get income from it..
Regards the aqua phonic we had given to 4 families there are going well and success, most of them already cut and used the veggies but cannot eat or sell the fish yet, still need time for it.

Thank you donors and volunteers for the great support, may God bless you all and keep healthy for everyone..

We will keep updating the information on our social media, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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