Prosthetic Leg For Gusti Ngurah Anom

New Hope for Ajik Anom

Few years ago the tragic accident change Gusti Ngurah Anom (Ajik Anom) life, he lost a leg in an accident, now he is unable to walk without stick. He siting down all day, sometimes move by using his hand and walk a little with stick. 

He lives at Kediri Tabanan with his  wife, children and grandchildren. His daily activity is helping his wife to make traditional cake (we called it Jaje Bantal). 

Ajik Anom want to live his life more better and wish to get prosthetic leg. He is very happy when we come to visit him and commit to give him a prosthetic leg. His enthusiasm give us positive vibes. He promised will learn to walk and never give up…

Finally on Tuesday 8 September 2020 Ajik Anom wishes come true. He get prosthetic leg after several process.. He start to learn to walk by using his new leg..Thank you so much for all donors from Bali Tribe who helped us filled Ajik Ngurah hope and Van Tongkol as our bridge thats why we can found Ajik Anom.. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, Keep healthy everyone 🙏

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