Toilets Project

Toilets Project🙏🏾

Warm greeting From Sahaja Sawah Foundation
Our goal is to support the locals with safe, healthy and sustainable life.
Toilet was one of the major problems in the villages as many of the families didn’t have toilet or bathroom.
By cooperating with the villages we have received 22 data of family who need help for toilet.

After all the process, finally now we are happy to share that all the toilet projects are done in 1 year.
By this program we also help to improve the quality of healthy environment 🍃

Below is the list of those families who get the toilet:
1. Aji Sadi – Tegalmengkeb Kelod
2. Aji Resti – Tegalmengkeb Kelod
3. Suprapta – Tegalmengkeb Kelod
4. Bu Agus – Tegalmengkeb Tengah
5. Gede Adi – Tegalmengkeb Tengah
6. Pak Yogi – Tegalmengkeb Tengah
7. Bu Andre – Kelecung Kelod
8. Bu Wiwik – Kelecung Kelod
9. Pak Santika – Kelecung Kelod
10. Bu Kamer – Kelecung Kaja
11. Pak Juli – Kelecung Kaja
12. Pak Lisna – Kelecung Kaja
13. Biang Dana – Br. Bongan
14. Pak Sukanadi – Br Bongan
15. Bu Ledy – Tegalmengkeb Kaja
16. Pak Esa – Tegalmengkeb Kaja
17. Pak Sintya – Tegalmengkeb Kaja
18. Pak Setia – Beranjingan
19. I Wayan Suwenten – Munduk Ulan
20. Aji Lida – Br. Alas
21. Nyoman Karta – Br. Alas
22. Pak Asti – Br. Alas

Thank you so much to all donors, volunteers, Staff village and all the people who keeps supporting our program. God bless you all🙏🏾

We will keep updating the information on our Social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions🙏🏾🙏🏾
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