Pray For Putu Elvis

Friday, 28/08/20 yayasan team visited Putu Levis house at Pangkung Tibah Village, Kediri-Tabanan.

Elvis is a hard worker, even he only has one palm because of accident few years ago but he never give up to support his family.

But now, Elvis really need help for operation because of tragic accident. Few weeks ago he got electric shocks. Now he is struggling at Sanglah Hospital and really need support. 

It happened when Elvis intended to put up a flagpole to celebrate the 17th August (Indonesia Independence Day) The wind blew so hard that the high voltage electric cable touched the flagpole! Suddenly Elvis was electrocuted until he bounced and suffered burns. There were 3 people involved 1 person is safely survived but sadly 1 person has died. When he was rushed to the hospital, Elvis already had burns on his back, hands, feet, armpits and stomach! The damage on his skin has already spread to the blocked blood vessels and causes immeasurable pain.

He has lost his 4 fingers on his right hand on the accident few years ago also in a tragic accident and now from this accident he has to loose his toes on his left leg 😢

He needs to do several more operations

We bring all of money donation we got from Sahaja Sawah Resort staffs and Yayasan Sahaja Sawah staffs as well. 

Total donation:

IDR 10.000.000 from Yayasan Sahaja Sawah 

IDR 5. 560.000 from all staffs.

We give the donation directly to Elvi’s father.

Hopefully our friend condition will be much more better soon🙏🏾

If you like to help Putu Elvis please don’t hesitate to contact us

Suksma 🙏🏽






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