Water Filters Donation

“Pure Water is the world’s first and foremost medicine ”
We are very happy to share that now we finally have completed the goal of giving water filters to all families in our village Tegalmengkeb.
Totally 541water filters from the donors have been donated and it will help 541 families to get clean water for drinking. 
We put sticker of  the donor’s name on the water filters so that, the villagers know who is giving the water filter and it gives a nice feeling between the family and the donor.
Tegalmengkeb is devided by 9 smaller villages those are Tegalmengkeb Kelod (82 families), Tegalmengkeb Tengah (40 families), Tegalmengkeb Kaja (85 families), Br Bongan (79 families), Beranjingan (50 families), Munduk Ulan (60 families), Banjar Alas (30 families), Kelecung Kaja (57 families) and Kelecung Kelod (58 families).
This bellow are some photos of Yayasan team when  distributed the water filters to the fourth last villages, those are Tegalmengkeb Kaja, Banjar Bongan, Kelecung Kaja and Kelecung Kelod. After completed our village, we hope that we can share to another place. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at yayasansahajasawah@icloud.com.
Thank you
Have a nice day everyone..
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