“Life’s greatest privilege is taking care of those around you.”


Yayasan Sahaja Sawah Foundation is a non-profit, independent organisation working to improve the lives of the local community and people of Bali. We aim to generate a prosperous society and improve quality of life through education and awareness of creating and maintaining sustainability in nature with a community of awakened culture.


We have been helping the local villages for many years as Sahaja Sawah Resort since its construction in 2008. Since we got so many requests of how others can also help and join in our efforts and so that we could do more. The founders of the Yayasan  ( Ariani, Tia, Nguarah, Ngurah & Ketut ) are residents of the village to who wanted to support their village.


🏡 Building facilities and supporting facilities and infrastructure for schools without charging children or parents or children / students

🕉 Providing training and extra knowledge about customs and culture especially to those around me, such as dancing, music, handicrafts, religious activities and others.

✅ Providing socialisation and knowledge to the surrounding community, especially children, how to better be able to maintain and create a clean and healthy living environment and invite and provide examples so that they can be applied in daily life.

🚯 Inviting children and local residents to conduct environmental hygiene programs

♻️ Carry out countermeasures and sorting waste by applying the system Reduce (reduce), Reuse (reuse), and Recycle (Recycle)

🐖 Providing assistance to underprivileged / needy people in the form of funds, facilities and infrastructure, so as to be able to equip themselves to improve the quality of life, such as the example of farming, raising livestock and others

👩🏼‍🌾 Creating employment opportunities for citizens who need jobs, so they can earn income to carry out their daily lives

🐢 Organising sea turtle release activities with children and local residents and providing knowledge on how important it is to preserve the nature reserve and the importance of the balance of life between humans, nature and animals

🏨 Carry out a free health program or treatment for those in need

🎪 Hold spiritual and cultural festivals.


* A Prosperous Society

* Improving Quality of Life

* Education and Sustainability of Nature

* Customs and an Awakened Culture

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