Turtle Conservation

On the surrounding beaches of our village, turtles make nests to lay their eggs, yet due to increasing activity on the beaches from vehicles such as ATV tours and motorbikes, the numbers have been falling rapidly. 

Our foundation in collaboration with the wonderful Ibu Linda work to preserve the natural habitat for the turtles and air in their hatching process. We are currently in the process of prohibiting vehicles from the beaches in certain locations to encourage the turtles to feel safe in nesting here. We also pay locals IDR 2000 rupiah for every egg they collect, so we can protect them and hatch them safely.

For those lucky enough who stay with us, during special times when the baby turtles are ready to hatch, we gather to release them to the ocean together from the beach during sunset. It’s a beautiful moment which we love to share in conjunction with raising for the turtles. Keep an eye on our Updates page for regular updates, photos, videos, etc!

School and Education

One of our biggest goals is supporting education in our community. We have several efforts in place already from paying teacher salaries for after school classes to further children learning, paying school fees for those families who cannot afford it, and providing materials for the local school.

We are also building our own school in the village to add even more free support and opportunity to the children here. Plans are now taking shape for a sustainable bamboo school to be built in Kelecung. During the day there will be a daycare for small children, plus after school classes for older. Stay tuned for more updates!

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