Turtle Conservation and Animal Shelter

On the surrounding beaches of our village, turtles make nests to lay their eggs, yet due to increasing activity on the beaches from vehicles such as ATV tours and motorbikes, the numbers have been falling rapidly. 

Our foundation in collaboration with the wonderful Ibu Linda work to preserve the natural habitat for the turtles and their hatching process. We are currently in the process of prohibiting vehicles from the beaches in certain locations to encourage the turtles to feel safe in nesting here. We also pay locals IDR 2000 rupiah for every egg they collect, so we can protect them and hatch them safely, and bring awareness to the locals. Ibu Linda also has many other animals such as rescue dogs, cats and monkeys that we are also trying to support. You are very welcome to have a visit at her house to see all the animals. 

For those lucky enough who stay in Sahaja Sawah Resort, during special times when the baby turtles are ready to hatch, we gather to release them to the ocean together from the beach during sunset. It’s a beautiful moment which we love to share in conjunction with raising for the turtles. Keep an eye on our Updates page for regular updates, photos, videos, etc!

School and Education

One of our biggest goals is supporting education in our community. We have built a free school in the village to support the education. Our school was built in 2018 and was sponsored by Spanish company and we named the school `Torrevieja School` The school is build to help the local kids to learn extra lessons from their school subjects, we are helping them them with their homework, giving English lesson. The school is made out of bamboo located in a very peaceful are surrounded by nature and has a playground, board games to keep the children happy and entertain. As we believe when the children are studying in a good environment with a happy heart will make them enjoy their time at school. We are also planning to give other lesson such as handy craft, music, dancing and gardening. We are trying to build their confidence, discipline and characteristic to be provision for the life in the future. The Torrevieja School start from 1pm until 4th pm, for primary school from 1st grade to 6th grade. From Monday to Thursday is tutoring class where the students have the same materials as they have in formal school, for Friday and Saturday they will lean English. However, we need support in salaries for the teachers, support for all the other programs that we plan to have in our school. Apart from the education we have in Torrevieja School, there are some children who also needed support in their formal school who cannot afford to pay their education such as monthly school fees, uniform, school supplies and etc. Some children also need support to be able to continue to higher level school. Stay tuned for more updates about our activities in Torrevieja School and we will keep you updated if there are any children who need support for their education. Also don’t forget to follow our social media account for more update. Thank You!

House Renovation and Toilet

As we believe that is so important for a family to have a roof over their head. Helping those family who cannot afford a simple house is one of our main programs. 

Not all people are lucky enough to have a house even in Bali which famous for their tourism destination. There are still many families who don’t have a house or in very bad conditions. Some family need house renovation and some of them need rebuild the new one based on the condition. Since we started, we have done more than 40 houses and more than 20 toilets which was sponsored by many donors. Furthermore, we need more support to continue our program, so we can help more families to build their houses in a better condition.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further question or to donate. We will keep you updated on our social media, stay tune for more information. Thank you!


Water Filters

Here in Bali you can find many water’s spring near the mountain but clean water which ready to drink is still being a problem. Some people still have to boil the water before  they drink it or just buy the water galon for drink. Of course it will cost some money, ineffective and inefficient. From that issues we want to help some people especially those who cannot afford clean water by give away water filters which easy to use. We are in collaboration with SPI (Schoon water Projecten Indonesia) and several donors support some people by giving away a set of waterfilters around Bali. Since several years ago, there are more than 1.000 set of water filters had been given away around Bali. We want to help more people in the future, let’s join our program by donating 1 waterfilter for 1 family. We will keep updated, please follow our social media for more information. Thank you!


Garbage Collection/Plastic Exchange

This is our routine activity to collect recyclable garbage. Yayasan staff will come with the big green truck to villager’s house to collect some garbage every month.The goals are to teach the villagers sorting their garbage independently and keep the environment clean. The garbage are sort into several categories such as plastic, paper, metal, cans, glass etc. Each category has different price. Here, we come to their house to check and paid the garbage based on the weight and category. Next, the money from it will be saved in the saving books. Each person who routine gave us recyclable garbage has their own saving book and kept by Yayasan. If they want to take the money, they just need to inform Yayasan staff and they will get the money.. that’s the way we used to keep our environment still clean and build villager’s responsibility to protect their environment. We only take recyclable garbage because the organic one could be used as compost and not danger for the environment.  Don’t forget to follow our social media account for more update. Thank You!

Family Sponsors

Family sponsor is our main program where a donor/sponsor can support 1 family or more by giving monthly support such as food package, diapers or cash based on their need. As a donor, you can send money to our foundation bank account based on how much support they need every month. Our staff will buy the materials needed and bring to your family adoption every month. we made special account for sharing to you as a monthly report. It will show you the clear information about your donations. our staff will accompany you when you want to visit your family sponsor directly. We will visit the family who get sponsor once a month while checking their condition. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further question or to donate. We will keep you updated on our social media, stay tune for more information. Thank you!


Planting Trees

More than 200 Palm Trees and Tabebuya trees were plant along the Tegalmengkeb road until the Kelecung beach road by our team on September 2020. As our motto to keep the environment clean and green we are together with the local people plant all the trees. Beside for cleaning the air, the plants also make the view more mesmerizing. The result of this arrangement also give positive feedback for the tourism here, the visitors increase day by day to Kelecung Beach. 

Don’t forget to follow our social media account for more update. Thank You!

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