Sawing machine and glasses for Bu Nyoman Sri

Last month we visited Bu Nyoman Sri.. in Singaraja. We have been told by our friend Sascha Seifermann from Germany that Ibu Nyoman need some help.
She was concern about the small lump she has on her head as she’s getting so much headache almost every day and maybe need an operation. The last time she did check up to the doctor was 4 years ago in 2015. So when we visited her, we ask her to do another check up to make sure about her condition. Thank good the doctor’s result it’s not cancer so no operation needed, but she actually has problems with her eyes that caused her headache. Bu Nyoman can’t effort to go to eye doctor. She works as a cleaning lady in a quiet big villa next to her house but with very low salary which is IDR 500.000 ( €30 ) per month 😢
Her husband lost his job and she has to take care 3 small kids.
So finally we helped her with new glasses, medicine, some food and also paid for her doctor bills.
We gave her a new sawing machine so she can earns some extra money.
We wish Bu Nyoman and her family stay healthy and may the god always bless them 😇🙏🏽
Thank you for Sascha Seifermann for your support 🙏🏽



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