GoFundMe Water Filters Campaign

Support our campaign to bring clean drinking water to the villages of Bali.

The water in Bali is not fit for human consumption unless boiled and purified. Many of the people in the villages still have to collect water from the river or from a well. 

Our campaign is raising funds to buy water filters to donate to families and homes that need it. For now we are concentrating only on the 9 villages that are surrounding us in Tegalmengkeb, Tabanan, but hopefully with many more donations we can successfully provide many more filters for villages further afield. 

So far we have already given more than 200 water filters away but many more are needed. 

We have successfully equipped every family in the whole village of Banjar Alas, Desa Tegalmengkeb, and now have almost 100 more filters ready for the next village.

In total we need around 500 filters to provide for every family in the area.

As you can see from the photos in our video, we have had great support from travellers and holiday makers in the area who want to support our cause and help the community. We feel this is a much needed duty for the tourism industry, in giving back to its community and supporting one another.

“Life’s greatest privilege is helping those around you”

For every donation more than €30, we can place a sticker with your name and country on the filter purchased to see who and where your support is going to.

The cost of one complete set is IDR 450.000 (€ 30,-) and to change the filter after 2 years costs IDR 200.000 (€ 15,-) 

We would like to thank the Dutch organisation ‘Vrienden van Bali’ for the collaboration on providing the water filters

Follow the link below to go to our GuFundMe campaign page…


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