Bedah Rumah Project at Seraya, Karangasem

I Wayan Pasti live at Br Kusambi, Desa Seraya Timur, Karangasem. He and family (wife, and 5 children) live in very bad condition house. The house almost broken and located at up to the mountain which is not easy to reach. The location is far away from the city, really isolated place. There is limited water and electricity there, so after the sun set down the village will be dark.

Our Yayasan give IDR 10.000.000 for Bedah Rumah and the rest of it from Yayasan Remagi and others Donors. The cost of Bedah Rumah Project can be minimise because Yayasan Remagi team build the house together with the members and also helped by the villagers there.  Now Bapak Wayan Pasti and family have a better house to live, without worrying the house will broken because of the hard winds.

Moreover, the kids so excited watching video and movie because they never did it before..We promised them we will come back and bring books, colour pencils, toys and will continue to watch movie or video on YouTube. They are very happy…

Thank you so much for all donors, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to donate toys, books or clothes for Kids at Seraya Karangasem.. keep healthy everyone..












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