Convex Mirror for Tegalmengkeb Village

Tuesday, 8 September Yayasan team and staffs village started to install convex Mirror at Tegalmengkeb. After we plant some trees and cleaning the beach together with the villagers as routine activity, there are some visitors come to visit Kelecung beach and taking picture in front of the trees. Moreover, the palm trees near the beach street become an icon and viral on social media.  Regards to it, the traffic more crowded than before. So Yayasan Sahaja Sawah donated 15 Convex Mirror to avoid accident caused by the crowd. Before installing, we discussed with the staff village and select which points are necessary and really urgent.

Here are several points/place we put the mirrors:

1. Bend of kelecung (at the west of Sarin Bhuana temple)

2. T-Junction to Cekik (near the river)

3. Bend of kelecung kaja

4. Bend of north sahaja sawah

5. Bend of rice factory Banjar alas

6. Crossroad Banjar alas

7. Crossroad Munduk ulan

8. Crossroad Beranjingan statue

9. Bend near Erna’s house

10. Bend near Banyan tree Bongan

11. T-junction Asram bongan

12. Bend of tower

13. Crossroad near Puskesmas Pembantu

14. Crossroad at Tegalmengkeb Tengah

15. Bend of salt factory near Kelecung

In total there are 15 spots that really urgent and need to put the convex mirror..

Hopefully the villagers together can manage and take care the convex Mirror …

Thank you donors for your kindness..Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions..









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