Cow Donation at Karangasem

“It is not how much you have or you get, but how much you enjoy and be grateful that makes happiness”

We are in collaboration with Yayasan Remagi doing our project to help people who really need at Karangasem..
Ibu Dela is one of family that we help in Karangasem. She is single parent who take care of her 3 kids. The first kid named Dela and the other two are twin.

Dela is a young girl with Celebral palsy, she need extra attention and special treatment thats why her mom can not work too far from home. Her daily work is making canang ( balinese offering) and mowing grass for cows. The cows are not hers but others.

Dela is already adopted by a very kind donor named Sabina Van Elmpt from Spain. Dela get her daily need and monthly cost from the donor. Moreover, Ibu Dela is happier now because she get a cow from the donor as her business so she can manage it and get income from it in the future…

Big thanks to the Donor and also yayasan Remagi who help us to distribute all donations. Hopefully we all are safe and keep up our spirit in helping others🙏🏾





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