Yayasan Sahaja Sabah Foundation Goes To Pujungan, Pupuan-Tabanan

Last week on 2nd of July 2020, our Yayasan team together with van Tongkol (the volunteer from Tabanan) and Mang Adi (volunteer from Pujungan village) we went to Pujungan to bring water filters and food packages for to 10 families who really need help. The location from one house to another house is quite far with damaged roads which make us take a long time to go there. It was not easy to get to every house there as it was located up in the mountain with very extreme road conditions. Some houses under Batukau mountain can not reach by using car and we decide to go by motorbike which lead by local people from Pujungan village. It was very challenging but we manage to get there
1. The first family we visited was I Made Suadnyana Br. Dinas Mekar Sari , Pujungan Kecamatan Pupuan, he and 7 family members live together in one small house with bad kitchen condition and no water. 
2. The second one is Ni Putu Karmiasih ( mother )& Wayan Sarnada (uncle) . Br DInas Taman Sari , Pujungan , Pupuan. They are in unhealthy conditions and cannot work anymore. The mother stay always in bad cannot walk anymore, the father has died from cancer, the uncle also unable to walk. The son is 15 years old on school and girl 19 years not go to school since14 years old as she has to take care of her mother and uncle and would love to school again. 
3. The third person is Ni Wayan Warti ( 80 Year ) Br Dinas Taman Sari , pujungan , pupuan . She lives alone and one her eye blind. 
4. The fourth is I Wayan Suanda Br. Dinas Marga Sari, Pujungan, Pupuan. He lives with his wife only, the house condition is very bad and there is no water connection. Their house location is far from the main road. 
5. The fifth family is Komang Ariasa Ds. Pujungan Br. Marge sari. He lives with his 3 family members near I Wayan Suanda’s house. He is struggling with Thalassemia and need blood transfusion every 3/4 weeks. 
6. The sixth family is Wayan Suringsih (wife) Ketut Sumerta (husband) Ds. Pujungan Br. Marge sari. 5 family members sleep in one small room and need water connection also. 
7. The seventh one is Wayan Purni Ds. Pujungan Br. Marge sari. He is old man who live alone and he need monthly food donation. 
8. The eight family is Kadek Sukayasa Giri Br Tamansari Ds. Pujungan. He and his 6 family members  live at boarding house. The house need small renovation. He is jobless and has 4 kids.
9. The ninth is Nyoman Suardana Ds.Pujungan Br. Tamansari. He is an old man and live alone. He needs help for monthly food and mattress.
10. The last one is  Wayan Kaler Ds. Pujungan Br. Margasari. He is an old man and live alone. He is sick and need to go to Doctor once a month. He also need help for transportation. 
Few days after our visit we are very lucky to get that now we have get some help and adoption.
We will keep you updated with the very kind people who have helped  and adopted some of the families.
Thank you so much for everyone who have involved in our Yayasan programs.
May God bless you all….!
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