Penebel Monthly Donation 09/11/2020

Here we would like to share an updating information of our Family adoption at Penebel. All of families are doing good, they are in healthy conditions. This month we had been visited 6 families. They got rice and cash as usual from their donors. We also checking the aqua phonics and found the result that mostly the cat fish were good but the spinach water were died. Some of the veggies were died because of eaten by mouse and caterpilar. Here we enclosed what we had been brought for each family there:

No.12 Kadek Agus Putra Wijaya/Sheryl & Scott Thomson
We brought 30Kg rice and cash IDR 620.000 for buy medicine and control to Doctor

No.13 I.W.Suparjana/M.Crystal
He got 10 Kg rice and IDR 100.000 cash for buy food

No.14 I.N.Rudang/2x adopters
We brought 15 Kg rice and IDR 200.000 cash for buy food. This month we did not gave diapers because they still have 6 packages diapers which enough around 1 month. So we will give diapers start from next month.

No.15 N.N.Sari/K&S Blackwell
We brought 15 Kg rice and IDR 200.000 cash for medical or buy food. Start from next month Dadong Sari will get diapers.

No.19 N.M.Rusik/A.Etienne
She got 10 Kg rice and IDR 100.00 cash for buy food. Her wish is get house renovation as soon as possible because her house almost broken and she cannot fix it.

No.20 N.W.Rendin/S. Squadrito
She got 10 Kg rice and IDR 100.00 cash for buy food. We already told her that this is her last donations given by her donor. She a little bit crying and felt so sad because she tought we will never visit her again… We promise her that we will come to visit and see her condition..

Thank you so much for all donors and volunteer @van Tongkol your help means a lot for them..Keep healthy everyone, God bless you all.
We will updating our activities on Social media. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions..
Warm regards from Sahaja Sawah Foundation
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