Pujungan Monthly Donation February

Tuesday, 2nd of February 2021 Yayasan team together with @Van Tongkol and all volunteers distributed donation at Pujungan. This is our regular activity visited our family adoption. We still have 10 family adoption at Pujungan. All of them in a healthy condition when we visited. 

Each family got different amount of donations based on their needs.
1. Made Suadnyana Family/ The Donor is Anthony. Last month this family start to run small warung which donated by their donor. They selling traditional balinese cake and snacks. It is going well and we hope they can earn money from it. Every month they get IDR 800.000 cash, Rice 60Kg and 5 litters oil.

2. Putu Karmiasih & Wayan Sarnada/The Donor are Avril, Jackie, Kylie & Rodney. Karmiasih’s Daughter and Son now live only with their uncle after Karmiasih passed away. Their Uncle can’t walk well because of his sickness. The daughter named Arlin and her uncle making money from knit clothes. Every month they get 30Kg rice donations, IDR 300.000 cash and 2 liters oil.

3. I Wayan Suanda/The Donor is Agi. This elderly couple is very lovely. They live for each other in a very small house up to the mountain. Everyday, Wayan suanda going up and down from the house for buy food. They were healthy and very energetic. Every month they got 15Kg rice, IDR 200.000 Cash and 2 liters oil from their donor.

4. Komang Ariasa/The Donor is Alex. Komang Ariasa doing blood transfusion and check up every month at Sanglah Hospital. He was in a good condition when we visit. Komang and family got 30kg rice, IDR 400.000 Cash, IDR 500.000 for transport from Pujungan to Sanglah Hospital and 5 liters cooking oil.

5. Wayan Suringsih/The Donor are Sam, Poppy & Jorja. This family got a lot of help from Sam. Now they live in more better life than before. The kids were healthy and happy. Every month this family got 40Kg rice, IDR 500.000 cash and 5liters.

6. Wayan Purni/The Donor is Kim. This lonely elderly always smiling when we come. He is in healthy condition and active doing some activities such as farming and selling veggies. Every month he got 30Kg rice, IDR 100.000 cash and 2 liters oil.

7. Kadek Sukayasa/The Donor is Sam/Samantha. This family got some help and support from Sam and family. Now they can rent and live in a better house. Ketut Samantha is in healthy condition and cute as always, now she is more active and learn to crawl. Every month they got 45Kg rice, IDR 600.000 Cash and 5 liters cooking oil.

8. Nyoman Suardana/The Donor is Marisa. Nyoman Suardana has mental disorder. His condition is much better than we first met. He even can’t face us before and didn’t want to meet others. Now we even can communicate with him. Every month he got 10Kg rice, IDR 200.000 Cash, 1box instant noodles and 2 liters oil from the donor.

9. Wayan Kaler/The Donor is Bec. Pekak Kaler was in a good condition when we visit. Every month he got 10Kg rice, IDR 100.000 Cash, IDR 150.000 cash transport for medical and 2 liters cooking oil.

10. Nengah Sribet/The Donor are Avril & Jeff and Jacky & Carol. Dadong Sribet got a lot of support from some donors. Now she has a house and toilet. She is very happy and thankful to all donors who always support her. Every month she got 10Kg rice, IDR 100.000 Cash, IDR 400.000 cash for medical and 2 liters cooking oil.

Thank you so much for all donors and volunteers, keep healthy and God bless you all🙏🏾❤️
We will keep updating the information on our Social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions🙏🏾🙏🏾
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