Yayasan Distribute 32 Buckets of Aqua Phonic

Aqua Phonic/Budikdamber (Budidaya Ikan Dalam Ember)

On Monday, 31/08/2020 our Yayasan team in collaboration with


and Van Tongkol distributed 32 Buckets of Aqua phonic to several adopted families..

Aqua phonic is the way to maintain fish and veggies in one bucket..there are 50 cat fish inside the bucket and above it hang 12 cups seeds of water spinach..
Each family got 1-3 bucket depends on their family members..
– In Penebel village we give 8 buckets for 4 families
– In Manik Yang village 3 buckets for 1 family
– In Kediri we give 3 buckets for 1 family
– In Tegalmengkeb village we give 5 buckets for 3 families
– In Pujungan village we give 13 buckets for 5 families
We hope this way can help them minimize their kitchen cost, they can maintain the aqua phonic to get fish and also veggies as well..
Thank you for all donors🙏🏾🙏🏾
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